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 Another new MEP idea?

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Another new MEP idea? Empty
PostSubject: Another new MEP idea?   Another new MEP idea? EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 9:44 pm

Ok, you know how most studios wither have one set songs or a group of set songs? I came up with a new idea. Each member gets a part at it. But there is no set song. Each part is 30 seconds. The leader gets to choose the song for part one. The person who has part one must use 15 seconds of that song in their part. Then, 15 seconds of any song they choose. Then, the next person has to edit with the next 15 seconds of the song from the previous part (that member would send the next 15 seconds to the next person) then they use 15 seconds of their choice after the first song.


Part 1
Song 1 : "Na Na Na" by MINMI
Song 2 : "So Far Away" by Crossfade

Part 2
Song 1: "So Far Away" by Crossfade
Song 2 : "Barbie Girl" by Aqua

There can be a part for each member and maybe one or two geust members. It's to test peoples abilities and maybe add some improvement. I thought it'd work better with this studio than my own. Just a though hoped to be taken into consideration.
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Another new MEP idea?
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